1969 Abergele Investiture Bomb

In 1969, the year of Prince Charles's Investiture at Caernarfon Castle, I was 8. I was woken in what felt like the middle of the night by a huge blast and a rattling of the sash windows. According to the news reports, there was a plot to explode a bomb on the rail line on the route of the Royal family along the coast to Caernarfon. The bomb went off early, killing two men.

Abergele Library. The bomb exploded in the  clinic area behind
The scene of the explosion: the clinic behind the library

In the morning Dad went to the scene of the bomb. He was a teacher and - he only told me this earlier this year - he taught the son of one of the two men killed by the explosion. Dad was there helping to look after the boy whose father had just died. The police did a terrible thing that morning. They took the boy to see the remains of his father after the bomb. No boy should have to see that.

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Gareth Morlais, July 2009


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