Badger rescue 1973
photos by Gareth Morlais
The Col-Con (Abergele bypass) was about to be built when a group of local people realised that the route passed through a badger sett. The badger was a much rarer creature in the '70s and it was decided to move the badgers safely to a new home at the back of Tower Hill. There was much media interest in the move - because it was so unusual. The local RSPCA inspector was present. A local blacksmith was commissioned to make some special badger tongs, to grab the creature safely. You can see one of the badgers in a sack in a cage. Yes, the badgers were safely moved. Ahhh...

badgers-cage badgers-trapped
badgers-cage.jpg badgers-trapped.jpg
badgers-trees badgers-willaaron
badgers-trees.jpg badgers-willaaro...


(c) Gareth Morlais 2003

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