Graham Mattok

I received the following story via email from former Abergele-ite Graham Mattok and I'm grateful to him for resurrecting a few memories I'd forgotten. Memories of The Doorknob, Matthews Farm (all houses now), and conkers from Garnet's Private drive all mean something to me and I guess they will to others who used to live in Abergele.. (Gareth Morlais May 2008)

"Hi Gareth, Thanks for a couple of hours of real nostalgia. I grew up in Abergele during the 60s and spent loads of time in the playnies trying to catch trout in the Gele! We also used to play a lethal game of catch up Tan y Gopa which involved throwing rocks from the Door Knob at anyone or anything that moved! An annual favourite pastime was getting conkers from the avenue at the end of High St leading to the Garnett’s house, and hiding if a car came! There was a much more dangerous conker field up near Tan y Bryn, but this belonged to Mr Manners (was he really the black sheep brother of the Duke of Rutland?) who would shoot to kill, or so we thought.

When I saw your reference to Dimbleby’s, I felt guilty, because we used to crawl under the front window and pinch Corona bottles from the rack; try to drink them and then take them back for 6d!

Another bit of ‘fun’ involved a mass stone fight at the by then derelict Matthews farm below Tan y Gopa. Apparently you could hear the noise from the Dale, which explains the arrival of the Police. Those defending (inside the house) got nabbed and the rest (me included) ran for our lives. Probably got back to Bryn Coch in 5 minutes flat! Brilliant site. Thanks

Graham Mattok, Wakefield, April 2008



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