Abergele, Boston, USA

Here's a message sent by Abergele expat, Mark Ames. I liked his story so, with his permission, here it is:..

Abergele on side of truckI enjoyed the web site you have created. I am originally from the Sea Road area and now live near Boston USA. Like you I am the son of a teacher from Abergele and have fond memories of that school. I know your father well and it brought back memories seeing some of the messages regarding other teachers. There was a fabulous group of teachers in that school during your fathers time at the school. Alas a lot of the characters including my dad have passed away but I have fond memories of teachers such as Bill Fizz, Big Ed, Austin Davies, Percy plant pot, Arthur Wildthing and of course not forgetting Willy Welsh!

I am married to an American...hence being here. I have been here for five and a half years. I sold Merc Benz, Porsches and BMW s for three years and then last year started my own Landscape/ Home maintenance business.

truckI couldn't think of what to call the business as I didn't wish to use my name. I also wanted something high up in the yellow pages. By chance Abergele came to mind. I called my business Abergele Home and Land Maintenance!

The yanks love anything to do with Britain, so when I quote jobs they inevitably say where is the name from. By the time I have finished telling them about the town I generally have the job regardless of what I quote! It is funny seeing the name Abergele on the side of my trucks and everyday it gives me a small link with the town in which I grew up.

A month ago in my home town (Topsfield, Massachusetts), a guy came up to me astounded at seeing the name on my truck. It turns out that he has the rights to everything produced by the tann yard in Abergele...small world! - Mark Ames, Boston, USA.


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