Abergele in Shorts
Abergele - Sally Hindley (c) 1999

Sally Hindley"I read your X-Files article and it ran shivers up my spine. I'm from the USA but I visited Wales in 1999. My last day was spent in Abergele and we trekked along the Gele River, very similar to your description. I have about 450 pics total of all areas of North Wales. On my first trip to Abergele we walked a bit and then got a taxi to Bodelwydden Castle. These are the few pics in Abergele on that day. On my second trip to Abergele we went to St. Michael's Church then started our trek up the Gele." - Sally Hindley, St David's Day 2006.
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19990924abergele006 19990924abergele007 19990924abergele008 19990924abergele009 19990924abergele010 19990924abergele011 19990924abergele014 19990924abergele016 19990924abergele017
19990924abergele019 19990924abergele027 19990924abergele031 19990924abergele035 19990924abergele054 19990924abergele056 19990924abergele057 19990924abergele058 19990922abergele001
19990924abergele001 19990924abergele003 19990924abergele012 19990924abergele015 19990924abergele018 19990924abergele020 19990924abergele021 19990924abergele023 19990924abergele024
19990924abergele025 19990924abergele026 19990924abergele028 19990924abergele030 19990924abergele033 19990924abergele038 19990924abergele040 19990924abergele041 19990924abergele042
19990924abergele043 19990924abergele044 19990924abergele045_cr 19990924abergele045 19990924abergele046 19990924abergele047 19990924abergele048 19990924abergele049 19990924abergele050
19990924abergele051 19990924abergele052 19990924abergele053 19990924abergele055 19990924abergele060 19990924abergele062 19990924abergele063 19990924abergele064 19990924abergele065
19990924abergele066 19990924abergele066a 19990924abergele067 19990924abergele068 19990924abergele069 19990924abergele072 19990924abergele074 19990924abergele075 19990924abergele076
19990924abergele077 19990924abergele013              

Thanks to Sally Hindley for sharing her photos on the abergele in Shorts website.