Gardner 6LW engine notebook part
Gardner 6LW Diesel Engines in WWII trawlers & minesweepers
Nov 1940 - March 1944

Harry Gee was an engineer with Gardner during the World War II. He lived in Peel Green and was based at L.S. Gardner's Barton Hall Engine Works, Patticroft, Eccles, Manchester. These notes come from his Working Away Particulars notebook. He fitted and repaired Gardner 6LW diesel engines in trawlers and minesweepers in dockyards around the British Isles. I've published them here because I feel it's important to share WWII primary source materials like these. Harry Gee was my grandfather and a watercolour artist.


13-19 Nov 1940, H.M.Trawler "Ben Meadie", Union Castle Steamship Co. Ltd., East India Dock, London E
2-6LW Generator Sets 50940/1
Official Admiralty Trials
Mr Taylor


22 Jan - 4 Feb 1941, H.M.Trawler "Hatsuse", No. 1 Basin, South Yard, HM Dockyard, Devonport
Commander Maloney RN.
Lieut Robinson
CPO Bob Stevens
Lodgings: Mrs Sweatman, 13 Radford Rd, West Hoe, Plymouth.

26 Feb - 9 Mar 1941, "Sasebo", HM Dockyard, South Yard, Devonport
Commander Malony
Lieut Robinson
CPO Bob Stevens
Same basin as Hatsuse previous report.
6LW / 50757
Lodgings: Mrs Shaw, 20 Radford Rd, West Hoe, Plymouth.

19-22 March 1941, "Sasebo", The Admiralty Engineering Laboratory, West Drayton, Middlesex
6LW / 51515
Mr Fox
Mr Cowdern
Lodgings: De Burgh Hotel, West Drayton, Middlesex

20-24 April 1941, "Lucienne Jeanne", General Steam Navigation Co., Deptford, London
6LW/51507 and 510
Manager: Mr Marriatt
S.M. Cooke, 4 Eversholt St, London NW1

19-20 May 1941, "Gos III", HM Criton Collingwood Dock, Liverpool
6LW / 51511 and 2

23-31 May 1941, "MMS 13", Macduff Eng. Co., Macduff, Banffshire, N.B.
6LW / 51392 and 3
Macduff Eng. manager: Mr Patterson
Admiralty Inspector: Mr Taylor
Lodgings: Mrs Small, The Shore, Macduff, Banffshire, N.B.

25 June 1941, "Ben Meidie", HM Naval Dock Grimsby
6LW / 50940 and 1
examining engine damage after mine exploded near her
Lieut. Commander Gelder
Royal Hotel, Grimsby Dock.

10-14 July 1941, "Unitia", Messrs Rutherfords Ltd, Birkenhead
6LW / 51370 and 1
Rutherfords: Mr Evans
Admiralty: C/mr Germon

17-23 July 1941, "Swansea Castle", No. 1 Basin, South Yard, HM Dockyard, Devonport
6LW / 51066 and 7
Reported to Base Engineer Officer, Eng(?) Captain Lamb, F.S. Paris, Devonport

24 July 1941, "MMS 30", Phillip & Sons, Dartmouth, Devon
6LW / 52317 and 8
'Mr Parker having arranged to take responsibility with our Mr Houghton'

25 July 1941, "Sasebo", No. 5 Basin, North Yard, HM Dockyard, Devonport
6LW / 50757

30 July - 6 Aug 1941, "Flying Wing", Collingwood Dock (or Nelson Dock - both written), Russell & Co Ltd., Lightbody St., Liverpool
6LW / 51364 and 5
Russells Manager: Mr Blane
Admiralty: Mr Thompson

8-13 Aug 1941, "Invercauld", Pollock Dock, Naval Base, Belfast, N.I.
6LW / 51819
6LW / 50872
Engineer Lieutenant Amos - in charge of the base
Director of Marine Motors Ltd., 40 May St, Belfast: Mr Robertson
Lodgings: Crescent Hotel, Botanic Ave., Belfast

17-18 Sep 1941, "Kos 17", Railway Dock, Messrs. Stewart & Craig Ltd., Hedon Rd., Hull
6LW / 52706 and 7

13-16 Oct 1941, Research project, Anglo Iranian Oil Co. Ltd. Sunbury-on-Thames, London

6LW / 44172
"The engine was installed for fuel research purposes , and also for supplying power for driving a fan for cooling a Bristo Aero engine."

25-28 Nov 1941, "Gaston Riviere" (?), C.H. Bailey Ltd., Lyne (?) Engine Works, Barry Docks, Nr Cardiff.

6LW / 52914 and 8


17 Mar 1942, HM Trawler "Antiocke II", J Gordon Alison & Co Ltd, Marcus & Pool Streets, Birkenhead
6LW / 52964
6LW / 51111
J. Gordon Alison
base Engineer Officer: Lieut. Commander Hepton

30 Mar - 3 Apr 1942, HMT "Sutherness", Messrs J Robertson & Sons Ltd., Dock St Engineering Works, Fleetwood
6LW / 54440 and 1
Manager: Mr Robertson
Adiralty: Lieut. Com. Germon

19 June 1942, H.M.T. "Northcoates", Charles Howson & Co Ltd, 163, 164 Regent Rd, Liverpool 20 (or Sandhills, Liverpool 5)
Howson Manager: Mr Mitchell
Admiralty: Mr Thompson

14-17 Aug 1942, "Northcoates", Charles Howson & Co Ltd, Sandhills Liverpool 5
6LW / 55558 and 9

18-20 Aug 1942, HMT "Conway Castle", Messrs J Russell & Co, Clarence Works, Lightbody St. Liverpool 5
6LW / 55560 and 1
Russels Manager: Mr Blane
Admiralty: Mr Thompson

11, 14, 15 Sept 1942, "Daniel Clowden", A. Rutherford Ltd, Birkenhead
6LW / 55555 and 55556
Rutherfords Manager: Mr Evans
Admiralty: Mr Thompson

4-15 Oct 1942, "Bruce", St Margaret's Bay, Nr Dover, Kent
6LW / 55500 and 01
worked with W.J. Farrow


4-11 Aug 1943 "M.M.S. 172", CH Bailey, Lyne or Tyne Engine Works, Barry Dock, Nr Cardiff
6LW / 55030
Admiralty Overseer: W.J. Goslong
Bailey's: T. Wilkinson
Lodgings: Barry Dock Hotel


10 Feb 1944 "4LW" (Travelling Jib Crane), Craven Bros M/c Ltd, Vauxhall Works, Reddish, Stockport
4LW / 60363
Craven Bros. Plant Engineer: Mr Wrightham

21 March 1944 "4LW" (W.D. Searchlight Set), Walker Bros. Engineers, Wigan
4LW / 61185

N.B. there may be errors in names etc. as I transcribed this from my grandfather's hand-written notebook

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