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Make money for your network with Melyn Community Action

Program Director: "There are companies and organisations within our broadcast area that don't want spot ads. They're not interested in sponsoring our entertainment output either. They say it's not right for their image or it doesn't fit in with their mission. Some of these potential clients are huge. My network would gain tremendous kudos - and serious mega- bucks - if only I could bring them on board..."

Setting up a social action project at your network will open the door to sources of money that might previously have been unavailable. Here's how you can make the second of the Program Director's Three Wishes come true: new clients who have never taken spot ads or program sponsorship and match potential clients with programs that would benefit them. By all means, design your programs to suit your client. But the most important thing is that the programs are right for your network

2.look at every possibility: sponsored project (year long), hotline, individual programs, a bulletin board, vehicle...

3.make it clear that your network will maintain editorial control and independence and that you won't mention commercial brand names in the program itself. (But, of course, you will be namechecking them in the tags and ads) far as on-air charity cash appeals are concerned, have no more than one or two days a year when your network appeals for cash - for your official station charity only. (Frequent cash appeals are an audience turnoff)

As well as bringing in more money, from new sources, your social action project will enable you to achieve your goal:

To make available information that can improve your audience's quality of life.

"I want
a bigger audience..."
"I want to
add value to my network's brand."

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