HMS Diadem
HMS Diadem

the diary of signalman John Emrys Williams

Here's a message that arrived via email.

"Just a short note on seeing your web page about John Emrys Williiams.

"Sorry there is little here but the briefest of conversations of someone who served on HMS Diadem on convoy protection duties. John was a patient in Good Hope Hospital, North Birmingham. He occupied the bed opposite my father on the diabetes ward last week. No dates of serving on Diadem or surname unfortunately. before I could find out more of his service, John was discharged back to a care home.

"One of the many anonymous heroes who must have put up with a great deal to keep the war effort going. Hats off to 'em!

"Apologies for not being able to provide any useful info
best wishes and good luck with the web page." - Paul Sheppard 2009

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