HMS Diadem
HMS Diadem

the diary of signalman John Emrys Williams

Arthur Harrison

Brian Harrison wrote on 18 February 2014:

"My father, Arthur Harrison, served on HMS Diadem from 11th July 1944 until 8th August 1944. He was a Coder and he may well have known your grandfather who had an related job as a Signaller.

"My father re-joined Diadem on 4th October 1944 and escorted Convoy JW63 on 1st January 1945 and the returning Convoy RA63 on 11th January. On 28th January 1945, Diadem was in action against German destroyers which were attempting to enter the Baltic Sea from Bergen. Diadem sustained damage behind the fore-funnel and was under repair for 2 weeks. My father was still on board on March 12th 1945 when Diadem joined Convoy JW65 and also the returning Convoy RA65 on 23rd March. Diadem also provided cover for Convoy JW66 and the returning Convoy RA66. On 22nd April, Diadem escorted Escort Carriers Searcher and Queen for attacks on shipping off the coast of Norway. After service on the Diadem my father transferred to HMS Birmingham. During the war he also served on HMS Scylla, Jamaica, Vindex and Indefatigable."



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