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Harold Sydney Clark

Vaughan Clark wrote in June 2013 to say:

" Dad was Harold Sydney CLARK - Stoker Petty Officer from 1922.. He was on those terrible Arctic runs.. Just got details on his Servivc Records..
Poor Records - No details on where, what why when nor the Russian Convoys.. PITIFUL that they provide an application for the Arctic Medal when the poor f****r has been dead for 30 years.... He HATED war Hated the command and ranks and NEVER NEVER would tell of the horific things and death and instant accidents of superheated steam in the engine rooms...

"Thousands of unsung heros - forgotten..

"I will bookmark your site and read in detail.. Any info is good info These men must not be forgotten."

I could feel the frustration in Vaughan's email and we corresponded some more...

"I applied to Navy (paid £32) for his brief, very brief Service Records.. Disappointing. Weak detail. I wanna know where the ship (with my dad) was based. eg Mum told me I have a half sister in Weymouth 1932? Half sister in Durbam 1934? Half brother Portsmouth 1939 (now dead but linked to his kids) and dad was forced by Navy to pay for a womans death in Malta (Maybe during childbirth?) Now the "Service Record" just says the ship and dates - Nothing else!
and the disgusting Arctic Medal case... You have to CLAIM the medal stating the ship/convoy/service - humiliating to those who suffered and died... and I read of Jock ?? in the Telegraph Obituary yesterday.. People were BANNED from wearing the Arctic Russian Medal - Given by Russian to these brave men and women...
Yes Banned from wearing them at Memorial Day events... Oh I get angry..
Dad was right NOBODY wins wars.. Crazy.. Man never learns..
When I have done dads tree I will send you the Naval bits for info.. (Yes dad joined the Navy in 1922 to escape ANOTHER paternity claim... With all these unknown brothers and sisters... I have no children!



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