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HMS Diadem

the diary of signalman John Emrys Williams

John Phillips

Sally Phillips wrote on 22 May 2014:

"Thank you so much for posting your grandfather's diaries and for all the other info. on your site.

"Three days ago I received my late father's Arctic Convoy medal from the MoD, but I really had no idea about what he had done during the war. My mother had mentioned the Convoys, but my father never mentioned them - though we were always aware of Diadem. Your website confirms what little I have learned about the Convoys - the atrocious conditions and the incredible courage of those who served in them. Thank you so much.

"My father was RNVR Lieutenant Allen Thomas ("John") Phillips, of Finchley, North London, born 19.10.16 and sadly died too young in 1980. He met my mother just after the war ended, and married her in December 1945. They toasted their future with Luftwaffe Reserve champagne, and my father was given an engraved cigarette box from his fellow officers on Diadem. There is a picture of my mother in early 1946, in a crepe dress with a little marcasite Diadem brooch pinned to it.

"My parents met, aptly enough, in a pub called the Blue Anchor! My father was on a few days' shore leave at the time.

"Please do feel free to put up whatever you wish as and when you wish to do so. You never know, it just might trigger a reminiscence - or a coincidence! - from someone who remembers my father. I will have to see what I can find in terms of photos - I'm the only one left in the family now, and I've been a bit ruthless in tidying up.

"I wish I had more detail to share with you and your page, but thank you again for putting up your grandfather's story.
With every good wish."


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