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HMS Diadem

the diary of signalman John Emrys Williams

Chief Stoker PO Harold Sydney Clark

Vaughan Clark of Marchwood is the son of Harold Sydney Clark who served on HMS Diadem as Chief Stoker PO. Vaughan started to tell the story of his father in an earlier article.

He's written again to say:

"I have returned to have a proper look at your wonderful informative site on Diadem. I made a few comments a couple of years ago that you kindly added to the site. Now I have returned and will read in detail. The comments from Trevor Marrett on his father William Marrett struck me that My dad was a chief stoker on Diadem (J4117) from Dec 1942 to Dec 1945 - so My dad and his Dad were ship mates! Wow

"I knew NOTHING about my dads activities - except the horrors of the Artic runs.. and he NEVER said - nor did I ask - what he did on D Day..

"I asked one question (as I was confused) at about 12 years old..
'Dad. Who won the second World War?'
My dad errupted with anger. NOBODY WINS WARS...

"That was all he said... Now I am 67 I understand what pearls of wisdom he said: 'Nobody wins wars...'

"Yes Dad Chief Stoker PO Harold Sydney CLARK was with HMS Diadem from construction Dec 1942 until Dec 1945.. He said nothing except everyone smashing thick ice off the superstructure and if you fall over - youm gone. (looks like he made 4 trips to Artic waters) and from your website I discover one of the first ships to Beny-sur-Mer JUNO BEACH on the Normany landings on 6th June 1944 (Thanks to your information)

"BUT... the Only place that he told mum he LOVED was Copenhagen.
Now looking at the details I can see why.. Denmark was "Liberated" from the Germans on 5th May 1945 and VE day was declared on 8th May..

"The FIRST port HMS Diadem visited - and maybe the first taste of freedom for Danish people AND a ship load of over sexed, libido driven seamen was Shore Leave Copenhagen JUNE 1945

"I wondered why my dad LOVED Copenhagen? Maybe I have brothers or sisters there?"



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