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How charities can benefit
How to get free fantastic publicity and get your message across.

You're involved with a charity, NGO, pressure group or community action organisation. You want to use the mass media to get your message across to your target audience.

Here are some of the options available to you: proactive. Create a news event and tempt the media there by press release passive. Wait for something related to your organisation to hit the news and wait for the radio of TV station to call you for a soundbite. for airtime - spot ads - at a 'charity rate'
...persuade a network to adopt you as 'Station Charity' and launch appeals

Melyn Media recommends you find a sponsor company that can see the benefit of doing more than just paying for spot ads. A company that wants to enable the provision of information that can improve its customers' quality of life by sponsoring a broadcast social action program that:

...helps you achieve your aims and is right for the people you want to receive your message for your sponsor
...fits the TV or radio station format copy here

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