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Answers to a few questions people have asked about Melyn:

What's Melyn Community Action?
Melyn promotes innovative projects that involve people in improving their communities' quality of life.

At the moment its three main projects are in radio and TV (see
Media), in a new kind of Internet mail order (Trade) and an innovative grass roots brainstorming session (Powwow)

It's a not for profit organisation, based in Wales, UK. Nothing on this site will cost you any money; we're not selling anything.

Feed your heart; fuel your mind!

What's Melyn Media?
Melyn Media encourages the shift of media content towards that which can improve audiences' quality of life.

It's for the radio and TV station that wants a
bigger audience, more money and new kudos.

It's for the
charity, community group and NGO (non-governmental organisation) that wants to use the media to achieve its aims in the most effective way possible.

It's for the company that wants
better returns for its marketing investment than a simple ad- only campaign can deliver.

It's an audience-led broadcast social action project.

What's Melyn Trade?
(The Melyn Trade element of Melyn Community Action is still being developed; it won't be online until Spring 1998.)

Melyn Trade shows the potential of the Internet as a way for producers in developing countries to sell small parcels of their goods for a higher than local price by mail order to richer countries. This cuts out the middleman, thereby aiming more of the profit at the producer.

It's a way for producers to make money by selling their goods to people living in countries where those goods cost more than the combined selling price and postage.

It's an Internet mail order social action project.

What's Melyn Powwow?
Melyn Powwow is a meeting between members of a community - a town, college, organisation - any community. The Powwow harnesses the group dynamics to encourage individuals' idea-generating skills and turn those ideas into action for the good of the community.

It's a face to face, community inspired and community-led, social action project that explores problems and finds and delivers solutions to them.

A successful Powwow is one that generates innovative, helpful ideas and encourages participants to use these ideas. Melyn Powwow is new; it's only in the 'Beta' stage.

What you'll find on the Powwow pages is an early draft of a set of instructions to guide you if you decide to facilitate your own Powwow.

"It's about people caring about issues that are close to their hearts and coming together to talk about creating a nicer community" - Gwenan Williams

How can I help Melyn?
Everybody ...
... can help by
trying out Powwow and letting us know how you get on. Powwow is in the pilot stage, so we need your ideas and suggestions before 'going public' with this one. We'll print your stories on the Melyn Powwow pages.
... can help by offering to find out the price of selected products in the shops locally, where they live
... can contact their favourite radio and TV stations to suggest topics that they should be covering

Radio and TV workers...
... can help by starting or proposing audience-led social action programs for their network

... can work in partnership with sponsors and the media to get their message across
... can let us know about their 'Fair trade ' initiatives and give us feedback about the possibilities of the Melyn Trade model of posting small parcels for profit

... can consider allocating part of their marketing budget for partnerships with charities to pay for media social action programs

How to contact Melyn
The author and maintainer of the Melyn Community Action web site is Gareth Morlais. He's a freelance producer specialising in program development. He's worked in radio and TV since 1980 and has set up and managed successful broadcast social action projects at
Marcher Coast FM in Wales
and at
TNL Radio in Sri Lanka. Gareth's currently with BBC Wales, (although of course the views in this document are Melyn's not the BBC's.)

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