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The sponsor wins

If you work with or own a company that's looking to build its profile, look beyond pure commercials or spot ads. Think about joining up with others to provide information that's not just useful ... it's life-changing.

The trouble with spot ads is that it's all hard sell and it's all for the seller's benefit. The advantage of sponsoring a broadcast social action program is that you're enabling the sharing of information that benefits your customers. By being so closely associated with such a valuable resource and with the charity, NGO, or other organisation that champions that issue, your company gains garlands of kudos, new customers and extra loyalty from existing customers.

Two UK examples:
...Vauxhall wanted to create an association between its cars and 'stress free motoring', so they sponsored a Sunday supplement magazine - in the Sunday Times - about how to beat stress
...Norwich Union - a savings and insurance company - reinforced its 'caring' image by sponsoring a Press and TV program answering the question: "What would you do if your child swallowed white spirits?"

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